Your Next Holiday Destination: ACRO Suites

This resort can be perfect for your next holiday as it is not just a hotel but a custom made wellness center at its core.

ACRO Suites.

We all dream of a perfect vacation to escape from our busy lives and just relax at a perfect destination. While it sounds like a dream, but when you start planning for it, you realize it’s not as easy as it sounds. Finding a perfect destination along with a perfect resort can be daunting because of the options and choices the internet has provided us. So, it comes down to going through them one by one by reading their reviews & checking out their amenities. But, such a task can add even more stress to your already stressful life. Thankfully you have us!

This time we did the homework for you to find this gem of a resort named ACRO Suites. Nestled on the rocky cliff of Mononaftis Bay in the northernmost part of the peaceful district of Agia Pelagia (Greece), the ACRO Suites is considered nowadays as one of the most luxurious, peaceful and wellness hotels in the world. In June 2021, this stunning hotel opened to guests for the first full season and it was a successful experience as the incredible place is a party for everyone’s eyes, paying tribute to nature through the considered use of materials and textures, as ACRO Suites itself explains, “the architecture of the resort is the harmonious connection between organic, bohemian, contemporary design and the unique natural surroundings.”

The hotel’s owners worked really hard to hire the best designers and craftsmen to collaborate with and create this property in an authentic and unique Cretan style. These local artisans created custom-made marble furniture with wooden accents for each of the suites and villas to provide clients with an oasis of calm. The local stone, the antique Egyptian and Cretan marble, Corten Metallic details, wood from Mount Athos, and many more materials complement the look and style of the hotel perfectly. As we can see, the final result was stunning, providing people with a luxury hotel worth visiting and travelling for, with a heaven of peace and panoramic views of the Aegean Sea.

ACRO Suites. Photographs by GeorSfakianakis

“ACRO is much more than a holiday experience. We wish to introduce you to our microcosm, share our culture around wellbeing and self-love and give you the space to find your own ritual for letting go and enjoying all that this luxury boutique resort has to offer.” Acro Suites explains.  

ACRO Suites. Photographs by GeorSfakianakis
Acro Suites. Photographs by GeorSfakianakis

The property itself consists of 49 incredibly designed luxury suites and villas, fusing organic contemporary design with a bohemian touch; all in a unique natural environment. Sustainability plays a large role in the hotel’s ethos, with natural materials sourced from Crete such as stones and wood.

A minimalist style has been chosen for the spaces decorated with smooth concrete, earthy tones, and natural materials to enhance the style of the environment. Bespoke furniture, raw silk bedspreads and modern equipment have also been chosen to decorate the spaces to create an environment full of energy and peace. Besides, food is sourced locally from small farms on the island, all from an organic kitchen with plentiful vegan and vegetarian menu options available. And, as it is expected, each suite and villa has got a private swimming pool and panoramic views of the Aegean Sea to enjoy ultimate privacy in blissful surroundings.

ACRO Suites. Photographs by GeorSfakianakis

And, one of the most incredible places around this luxurious hotel, is the iconic Cave Suites that are carved directly into the rock. This place has got a private cave pool to offer clients and visitors ultimate privacy in an idyllic setting. The Loft Suites has been designed as a 2-level unit, and offers an exclusive atmosphere from floor to ceiling. The Wave Suites “were designed and built to embrace the area’s raw aesthetics in a perfect balance. Luxury chic vibes and an e eye for detail make this suite a unique hideaway.” ACRO Suites explains.

ACRO Suites. Photographs by GeorSfakianakis

The open bathrooms boast one or two rainfall showers, a free-standing bathtub, and a glass wall from which to admire the endless sea or the sunset over the distant horizon. The in-house spa, the Bath House, plays with light and the element of water with large byzantine marble baths for the ultimate soothing effect. Neutral tones have been chosen for the lounge areas to relax and have a pleasant signature treatment.

The Asana Yoga Shala has been created with bamboo and natural materials from Crete. The open space interior features a circular design and a variety of environmentally friendly fitness equipment.

ACRO Suites. Photographs by GeorSfakianakis