Top 6 Looks From The “Barbie” Movie

Gerwig’s “Barbie” is, in part, responsible for the excitement surrounding the Barbiecore aesthetic in fashion, which is also aligned with the resurgence of popular ’90s and Y2K trends.

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Barbie fever has caught us all! Like you, we too are still in awe of the stylish outfits in the Barbie movies, with some of us even considering planning a Barbie-themed costume party for the upcoming Halloween. But the good times need not stop there. Barbiecore has been a prominent fashion trend for a number of years, blending smoothly with various styles. 

Margot Robbie portrays the famous figure in Greta Gerwig’s live-action “Barbie,” while Ryan Gosling plays her lover Ken. Gosling went so far as to bleach his hair a platinum blonde hue to match the style. The costumes from the ‘Barbie’ movie are also a visual treat.

The stunning costumes were created by Jacqueline Durran, who is well-known for her work on “Spencer,” “Little Women,” and the live-action adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast.” Robbie’s strapless black-and-white bikini from 1959, which is included in the film, exemplifies how accurately Barbie’s vintage aesthetic is recreated.

Besides, Margot has made endless headlines with her Barbie-inspired press tour looks, from her Los Angeles premiere look referencing the 1960 “Solo in the Spotlight” Barbie doll to her ode to the 1960 “Enchanted Evening” Barbie at the London premiere, providing us with incredible and inspiring looks for anyone who likes wearing full pink-pink-pink.

Bright and fashionable clothes have already been shown in trailers and set photos, along with an all-star cast and big music. Regardless of your own style, these costumes have had a significant effect on pop culture and fashion. 

Now that the Barbie movie is finally released, it’s time to check out some of the most daring looks from the movie (or to recreate them; it’s up to you).


When it comes to iconic fashion, nothing beats the original Barbie. Her classic striped swimsuit, paired with tasteful accessories, is a must-have for any summer wardrobe. It’s a timeless and versatile look to make a statement wherever you go.

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Barbie is known for her ability to juggle many different careers, but she never forgets the importance of self-care and exercise. The classic Sporty Barbie embodies this aspect of her character, being a go-to inspiration for daily activities such as roller skating or even something as simple as running errands.

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After a long day’s work, Barbie deserves to let her hair down and have some fun. Enter the 1980s-inspired disco look, complete with a sparkly jumpsuit and flare bottoms that are perfect for dancing the night away.

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In Greta Gerwig’s movie featuring Barbie, she dons a pink gingham dress with a full skirt, a nod to the 1960s era. This vintage-inspired fashion has been brought to the forefront by Margot Robbie and has now become iconic.

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The recent rise in popularity of Southern-inspired fashion can be attributed to the influence of Houston stars Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé. This trend has made its way into Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie, where Margot Robbie rocks an all-pink ensemble, seamlessly blending in with the Southern-inspired aesthetic. This serves as the perfect source of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts.

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Barbie’s style remains unmatched, even when facing a crisis like flat feet. Take inspiration from her nautical look, which is the perfect choice for your next beach outing.

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.