Everything About Terme di Saturnia’s Century-Old Resort

The Terme di Saturnia, which are located in a scenic area of Tuscany just a short distance from Rome, became well-known quickly for its healing qualities and visual appeal, attracting both residents and tourists.

Terme di Saturnia.

Nestled in the heart of Italy, the Terme di Saturnia spa complex gleams like a diamond, offering a century of thermal perfection. The spa’s unique geological formation and healing waters make it the ideal illustration of how to blend architectural talent with the natural environment. To commemorate its 101st anniversary, the historic mansion underwent a stunning renovation painstakingly overseen by the London-based firm THDP.

This well-known resort provides a special chance to unwind from the stresses of daily life and enjoy an opulent and rejuvenating vacation. For everyone seeking a balanced blend of physical and mental well-being, health, and beauty, the spa is a wonderful sanctuary. It has a vibrant, alluring quality about it. Thanks to the skilled knowledge, genuine passion, and experience of our committed staff, guests may have a genuine and revitalising experience whether staying overnight or for a day at the five-star resort.

The Geology Behind the Springs

Terme di Saturnia.

Terme di Saturnia owes its charm to a natural wonder—a tank-shaped crater from which pristine water, with a constant temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius, flows every six hours. As the water descends towards the Mill, it undergoes a fascinating transformation—cooling down, sulphur crystallises, creating a celestial hue that mesmerises visitors. The concept for the renewal project draws inspiration from this geological marvel, aiming to convey the visual and emotional language of interior design through terms like reflection, corrosion, erosion, layering, and ripples.

The renovation project seamlessly integrates with the spa’s historical roots, incorporating local artisans and materials. The reception area, inspired by the “Cascate del Mulino” (the waterfalls of the Mill), features oxidised tables and bronzed handles crafted by local workshops. Collaborating with artisans like Ragnini, Ramiro Contract, and Materica, the project successfully fuses modern design with the region’s rich history.

The colour palette, derived from the resort’s surroundings, reflects the diverse landscapes of Maremma. From the ethereal hues of the waterfalls in the reception area to the bright tones of turquoise and petrol blue in the bar counter, each colour evokes a specific element of the Tuscan countryside. The integration of sustainable practices ensures a continuity with the classic style, preserving wooden furnishings in both rooms and common spaces.

Terme di Saturnia.

Hotel & Lobby Design

Terme di Saturnia.

Terme di Saturnia offers two distinct settings, connected through expansive common areas like the lobby and reception. The entrance, marked by a central door, a focal fireplace, and a living area, sets the tone for warmth and hospitality. A “pop-up” bar enhances flexibility for eno-gastronomic experiences. The central patio, surrounded by an internal garden, epitomises a blend of classic and contemporary furnishings, maintaining a strong connection with the local territory.

Public Areas and Crafting Atmosphere

Terme di Saturnia.

Manuela Mannino’s vision for common areas aims at creating a seamless blend of classic and contemporary elements. Transparent entrances, suspended lanterns, and light installations reminiscent of water reflections enhance the sense of arrival. High-quality Tuscan craftsmanship, including ND Dolfi vases and turquoise tiles, adorns the spaces, creating an environment that is both relaxing and social.

Guest Rooms

Terme di Saturnia.

The 124 guest rooms underwent an extensive renovation, achieving an international 5-star standard. Emphasis was placed on guest comfort, service quality, and a softer, relaxed interior style. From oiled UV parquet flooring to thermostatic external showers, every detail exudes luxury and practicality. The colour palette, inspired by Maremma’s landscape, infuses the rooms with a fresh, innovative style while maintaining a recognizable Tuscan identity.

Drawing inspiration from Tuscan leather tradition, the furniture design features reinforced metal details and leather coverings. Unique touches, like wardrobes designed exclusively for the resort and paintings reflecting the spa’s colours, elevate the guest experience. The rooms showcase a harmonious blend of innovation and timeless Tuscan design, capturing the essence of Terme di Saturnia’s renewed splendour.

Terme di Saturnia’s century-old renewal is a journey that seamlessly intertwines the past, present, and future, providing guests with an immersive and rejuvenating experience rooted in the rich history of Maremma.