Supermodel Hailey Bieber joins The Victoria’s Secret Collective

The blushing bombshell joins worldwide known brand, Victoria’s Secret’s to talk about intimate topics to drive positive change and creative a positive approach with VS image.

Victoria’s Secret’s newest VS Collective member is none other than the angelic Hailey Bieber. She appeared on Victoria’s Secret’s new original podcast “VS Voices” to talk about intimate topics like balancing public relationships, religion, female sexuality, the importance of prioritizing time off, and more.

“I think something that over this last year, and even more so the last like six to eight months, that I’ve been feeling really passionate about is advocating for other women,” Said Bieber, “Because I’ve had a lot of really bad experiences with being pinned against other women.”

Moreover, the supermodel has been chosen to front its latest VS Collection. You can see appearing in a series of studio images shot by Zoey Grossman. The model wears designs made from lace trim and 100% silk.

Hailey wrote in her Instagram profile, ‘I am so happy to announce that I am joining the Victoria’s Secret #VSCollective – a platform for strong women to use their voice in an authentic way. Looking forward to partnering with VS on this journey and all to come!’.

The incredible collection includes 4-piece gift sets with a bralette, cheeky panty, robe, and eye mask in different colorways. Priced at $298, sizes range from XS to XL. Hailey charms in bedroom-ready looks featuring shades of pink, purple, white, and red.

Moreover, Hailey and other models will also be designing new lingerie lines for the brand. ‘We are excited to announce model and advocate Hailey Bieber as our newest VS Collective Member,’ Victoria’s Secret said in a statement on its home page. ‘She will join an ever-growing group of trailblazing partners who share a common passion to drive positive change.’

The 24-year-old model also said on the brand’s website, ‘I’m humbled to be in the company of these amazing women, many of whom have inspired me in countless ways with their own stories.’ ‘I look forward to helping create positive change as part of the VS Collective,’ touching on how VS is trying to take a different approach with their image. In this case, the brand constantly tries to adopt a new diverse look by featuring models with different body types and from different ethnicities and backgrounds.

Currently, there are many celebrities who are joining VS. Figures like Priyanka Chopra and soccer star and LGBTQ advocate, Megan Rapinoe, who criticized Victoria’s Secret’s older ads as ‘patriarchal’ and ‘sexist’ to the New York Times earlier this year, are on board.