Slow fashion trends: accessories

From necklaces to bracelts, crochet and clay.

Celebrities and bloggers are incorporating slow fasshion to their outfits and the fashion industry is slowly becoming eco friendly.

2021 came with a nostalgic touch, some of this accesories are the ones that you use to wear and made by yourself on your childhood and now they’re making a comeback. This is a colorful trend that will make yourself look cute, fresh and fun. These accessories includes:

Phone Charms:

YES! will make your phone and pictures look cooler. The best of this nostalgic accessorie, is that you can make it yourself at home!

Beaded Jewelry & Chunky Clay Rings:

From necklaces to bracelets and rings, this trend includes pearls, emojis, clay and so much color! Your inner child will be so happy with this trend, you can make it by yourself and have so much fun like you used to do in your childhood.

Crochet bags & Hats

Crochet is a must have! Bright colours, textures and prints. This retro designs are fun, sweet and fresh.

Slow fashion, means producing clothing and accesories that respect people, animals and planet earth. It  tends to spend more time on the design process to make high quality pieces .and  you can make your own  at home or support new brands with an ecofriendly point of view.