Selecting NFTs like a smart investor

What sets legendary investors like Warren Buffet apart from others ? Well out of all the answers that you might be wondering about, the most significant one is the amount of time and research they usually put before investing. This forms the basis for all investments across all sectors, whether real estate, equity, crypto or the newly developed assets like an NFT. This tedious process pays off big during the long run.

The fundamentals of an asset class stand out on their own when the duration of holding increases. It is the fundamentals that separate an NFT collection from a fad. These fundamentals separate Shiba from Ethereum. Fundamentals for NFTs means the authenticity and benefits they offer and the interest they can generate in the medium to long term. These traits are extremely important while choosing an NFT because these will help when you decide to exit the NFT.

A few NFT collections that are built on such plans and business models are the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mortal Rhinos Club & Veefriends. All these collections share one characteristic in common which is the real world use they provide apart from the exclusivity which any authentic collection can provide. Take for example the Mortal Rhinos Club which is developing a combat centric game in the metaverse & a betting system to bet on the real time fights that happen on those games. These plans are unheard of in the NFT market which sets the Mortal Rhinos apart from others. It took a team of researchers to dig out such gems but the effort put in now will give you extra peace of mind by knowing that fundamentals of your investment are strong enough to stand the test of time.