See All The Details About Schiaparelli’s SS’24 Collection

Schiaparelli’s SS’24 collection is all about duality, style and timeless elegance.

Schiaparelli Spring-Summer 2024.

Schiaparelli presented its latest Spring-Summer 2024 collection by Daniel Roseberry. He has woven a mesmerizing narrative into the latest ready-to-wear collection for the iconic label, infusing it with the intoxicating elements of laughter, surrealism, and a hint of madness. Establishing its roots in 1927 under the guidance of Elsa Schiaparelli, the Maison recognized the influential force of humour in the realm of fashion. Elsa’s genius intertwined the fibres of everyday life into garments that were both mundane and extraordinary, serving as a dual force of armour and art.

Today, Daniel Roseberry pays homage to this storied legacy, breathing life into each collection with Schiaparelli’s signature playfulness and an audacious pursuit of pushing boundaries. In a departure from the eccentric couture roots, Schiaparelli’s Spring-Summer 2024 Ready-To-Wear collection embarks on an enigmatic dance between the classic and contemporary—a harmonious yet provocative fusion that captures the very essence of transformation, leaving an insatiable craving for more.

Once renowned for the avant-garde Salvador Dalí lobster dress, Schiaparelli now ventures beyond its eccentricity, marrying the sophistication of Parisian elegance with the aesthetics of American sportswear.

Schiaparelli Spring-Summer 2024.

The narrative spun by the Spring/Summer 2024 collection speaks volumes about liberation and creativity, seamlessly integrating ready-to-wear pieces while maintaining an enigmatic charm that transports you to a realm of limitless possibilities.

This transformative journey is not subtly whispered; it boldly declares its expansion into streetwear, introducing sneakers that are veritable works of art, proudly flaunting golden toes as a nod to the brand’s inherent opulence. It’s a fusion that bridges the realms of casual and luxury, showcasing Daniel Roseberry’s finesse in intertwining two seemingly disparate worlds. Roseberry effortlessly amalgamates the laid-back American sportswear aesthetic with the refined precision of Parisian chic, creating an emblem of freedom.

Schiaparelli Spring-Summer 2024.

The Spring/Summer 2024 collection becomes a departure from the rigid confines of previous couture, pulsating with energy and expression meticulously stitched into every fabric. On the runway, an eclectic array of garments steals the spotlight—from a powder blue suit with a gracefully draped sarong skirt to a cream halter neck dress adorned with intricate embroidery.

The iconic Schiaparelli lobster makes a symbolic resurrection, signifying the evolution of the house rather than a mere echo of its past. Roseberry’s artistic brilliance shines as he transforms everyday raw denim, inspired by his Carhartt work pants, into a spectacle when paired with a sandy tweed jacket adorned with gilded trim.

Schiaparelli Spring-Summer 2024.

The Spring/Summer 2024 collection emanates an effortless grace, a departure from the confined structure of corseted couture, offering a refreshing glimpse into a more liberated aesthetic. Yet, within this casual exploration, the house’s elegance stands unshaken.

Dressier outfits, like the black jacket worn sans pants by Shalom Harlow or Kendall Jenner’s bustier dress adorned with red faux nails, narrate a tale of defiant sophistication. These ensembles transcend mere clothing; they are artistic narratives weaving Schiaparelli’s evolving yet unwavering identity.

Schiaparelli Spring-Summer 2024.
Schiaparelli Spring-Summer 2024.

Daniel Roseberry’s genius breathes vitality into Elsa Schiaparelli’s legacy, embracing the madness and unpredictability that define art at its purest form. The Spring/Summer 2024 collection, adorned with embroideries resembling spilled nail polish and the iconic lobster, transcends mere garments—it’s a narrative of defiant elegance and transformation, an invitation to set your imagination ablaze.

Adding to the thrill, Schiaparelli ventures into a broader, more inclusive realm with the introduction of its eyewear line. While maintaining its enigmatic allure, the house extends an invitation for you to witness its evolution firsthand—a journey that promises to etch an indelible mark on the canvas of the fashion world.