All You Need To Know About The Schiaparelli Spring ’24 Haute Couture Show

The collection, aptly named “Schiaparalien,” was a bold exploration of the connection between the earthly and the otherworldly.

Schiaparelli’s Spring 2024 Haute Couture collection.

In a dazzling display of haute couture, Daniel Roseberry presented the Spring 2024 collection for Schiaparelli, aptly named “Schiaparalien,” a celestial journey that seamlessly intertwines the earthly and the otherworldly.

A Cosmic Homage: Unveiling the Inspiration

Schiaparelli’s Spring 2024 Haute Couture collection.

The collection draws inspiration from the legacy of Giovanni Schiaparelli, uncle to the legendary Elsa Schiaparelli, who made a groundbreaking discovery of a Grand Canyon-like area on Mars. This celestial connection sparked the term “Martian” and fueled humanity’s fascination with extraterrestrial wonders. Elsa’s own passion for space and astrology serves as the foundation for this collection, paying homage to her obsession and exploring the beauty found within contradictions.

Contrasts in Couture: A Playful Exploration

Creative director Daniel Roseberry orchestrates a stunning visual symphony, celebrating the amalgamation of heritage and avant-garde, beauty and provocation, and the earthly and the celestial. The runway commences with a bold statement—a contemporary reinterpretation of the choker, merging the opulence of bygone eras with elements of BDSM aesthetics, showcasing Roseberry’s ability to seamlessly intertwine art and high fashion with a playful touch.

Schiaparelli’s Spring 2024 Haute Couture collection.

Historical Contrasts and Meticulous Craftsmanship

A 17th-century black cape adorned with rope details captures the provocative elements of BDSM subculture, juxtaposed against bedazzled neck clasps. This ensemble stands as a testament to Schiaparelli’s dedication to meticulous craftsmanship, a theme that resonates throughout the collection.

Roseberry’s homage to the fashion house’s founder takes center stage in a pearl suit jacket ensemble featuring tubular, sculptural arms that redefine the conventional human form. Such pieces exemplify his surrealistic approach to classics, staying true to Elsa Schiaparelli’s original visionary style.

Schiaparelli’s Spring 2024 Haute Couture collection.

Surreal Elegance: Pinnacle of the Show

The pinnacle of the show manifests in a dramatic black sheer lace top resembling insect wings, capturing the essence of the house’s surrealist origins. The collection seamlessly blends glamorous playfulness and exaggerated silhouettes, offering a reimagination tailored for the contemporary age.

Schiaparelli’s Spring 2024 Haute Couture collection.

Innovative Blending: Tradition Meets Modernity

The “Schiaparalien” collection juxtaposes traditional techniques with modern elements, combining guipure lace, velvet, and fringe with ultra-technological materials like microchips, calculators, and electronic devices. Roseberry’s iconography, including abstract references to his home state of Texas, is infused into the designs.

Celestial Guests: Zendaya Takes the Spotlight


The show was attended by notable guests, including Jennifer Lopez and Hunter Schafer, but it was Zendaya who stole the spotlight. She donned a breathtaking all-black gown with a dramatic train, exuding an otherworldly aura that perfectly complemented the theme of the collection.

Daniel Roseberry’s Singular Perspective

Once again, Roseberry showcased his unique approach to fashion, incorporating personal references and the heritage of the Maison into his designs. His singular perspective, infused with the fascination of haute couture from another planet, sets him apart in the world of fashion.

Schiaparelli’s Spring 2024 Haute Couture collection.

Enduring Allure of the Unknown: Schiaparelli’s Cosmic Invitation

The Spring 2024 haute couture collection by Daniel Roseberry for Schiaparelli is a testament to the enduring allure of the unknown. It urges us to look beyond the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary, both in fashion and in life. By bridging the gap between the earthly and the celestial, Roseberry invites us to explore uncharted territories and discover the limitless possibilities that lie beyond our world.