Exclusive Interview: Urvashi Rautela Opens Up with Cèline Magazine

The very glamorous and international celebrity superstar actress, beauty Queen and model Urvashi Rautela cover Cèline Magazine February 2022 Issue and talks in an interview about different topics of her life and career.

In this conversation for Cèline Magazine, the international actress opened her heart and gave us a gaze into some of her most personal reflections about her life, childhood, work, fashion, beauty and her latest hit on the Miss Universe 2021 as a jury.

Urvashi Ratela’s deeply feelings

CM: I would like to start this interview by knowing a little bit more about you as an individual. Who is Urvashi Rautela on a normal day?

UR: On a typical day, I’m a very simple Indian girl, who respects her parents and considers her family her top priority. I care about my entire family and enjoy spending time with them, like at tea times, while also attempting to strike the perfect balance between personal and professional life.

CM: Tell us about your childhood, your upbringing, or anything you would like our readers to know about yourself if you feel comfortable sharing, of course.

UR: My upbringing was an extremely superb one with lots of cultural values. It was all about preserving Sanskriti which has led me to follow the decisions made by my family. I had a different childhood, I know, but it’s a matter of following your elders’ commands and respecting them.

CM: What do you like doing the most in your free time?

UR: I enjoy spending time with my family and making masala tea for them. I also like playing with my dog, Oscar. I’m currently building my own house, purchasing furniture and doing interior decoration work, too.

CM: What are the achievements you are most proud of today?

UR: Being a Judge for Miss Universe at such a young age, since a girl of my age was competing for it and I was the judge at that show, it was a privileged time for me and gave me a totally different type of hype. It was an exciting moment for me, too, as an Indian woman won the Miss Universe title at the same time.

CM: Have you ever come across a moment in your career when you had self-doubt?

UR: I never had self-doubt. If I had then, I couldn’t be here right now. But, yes, I had some sad moments, but sadness does not mean that you are self-doubting. We are humans, not robots. We are here to appreciate every moment. Those moments have been really helpful for me as an actor and as an artist. It is very important to encounter every kind of emotion, from sadness to happiness.

Affection for Fashion & the Modeling Industry

CM: Tell us, how your passion for acting and modelling started?

UR: I have done modelling since I was 15. Then I had taken a gap of 2 years due to my studies. After my first film, I met a Punjabi director and got into this business and enjoyed it. It’s my passion! I hope to do more characters and career-defining roles. I would also like to be part of memorable characters in films.

CM: What is your daily beauty routine?

UR: OMG. I don’t have enough time for a daily routine, but if you have 1 hour at night, you can follow some kind of daily beauty routine. As I belong to the mountain, I’m blessed with great skin, so there’s little to do. In addition, thanks to my family’s blessed genetics, we are all blessed with tall height and colour skin. I think Korean Skin Care is something that helps to nourish your skin. You can also keep it healthy with serum, for example. I’m obsessed with Korean Skincare!

CM: What do fashion and trends mean to you? How would you describe the importance of them in your life and career?

UR: I don’t take fashion and trends way too seriously, whatever they are. Yet I love defining clothes inside and outside. Just go to whatever makes you happy! I love to create some fashion, not to follow, though.

CM: It was amazing to see you at the Miss Universe as a member of the jury, could you mention some aspects that you keep in mind when it comes to judging other beauty pageants?

UR: I can only say that the Miss Universe beauty pageant is a celebration of beauty from different countries. All the contestants are unique and beautiful in their own ways. It’s worth mentioning that Miss Universe is not only about beauty, but it’s also about the emergence of different personalities. It’s a tough process for the girls who represent their countries. I can say that it’s a mixture of the overall package.

CM: What advice would you give to aspiring models?

UR: I would like to advise you to improve your skills and train on your physique. It depends on which model you are: commercial, beauty model, ramp walk model. You are someone who is doing everything.

Remember always try to improve and polish your acting skills. If you are a ramp walk model, improve your different kinds of ramp walk skills. Be a real professional who knows what to do on the spotlights.

CM: What was the most difficult photoshoot you have ever done, and how did you deal with it?

UR: I think the most difficult one was the Arab fashion week designed by designer Furne One Amato.  Walking the ramp in the 15-degree desert was also really challenging. Moreover, the clothes were very heavy and the heels were about 11 inches. It was really difficult! I sweated at the same time but kept smiling to perform the photoshoot.

CM: You looked completely gorgeous at the Arab Fashion Week. How was the experience of being part of such an incredible runway show?

UR: It was a different look as I have to carry the real gold on the dress and the headgear and everything. I’m thankful to the designer Furne One Amato. I’m extremely thankful to him for his design and ideas. I was really happy for my brother since he got the offer first for the Arab fashion runway. He was one of the investors and business people. I’m just so proud of him.

Her most-beloved upcoming release film

CM: You have recently made an announcement on your Instagram account about your upcoming film “Dil Hai Gray”, would you like to give some information about it?

UR: Dil hai Gray is the super remake of a Hindi movie. The film is directed by Susi Ganesan and with the co-star, Vineet Kumar Singh and Akshay Oberoi. It’s a very interesting film about the Lucknow based decimalized girl, who loves her husband and makes sacrifices for her family’s sake. It’s an amazing movie between Lucknow and Mumbai. I’m excited for the release.

CM: Are there any specific genre films that you would like to do in the near future?

UR: It could be an action or a romantic film. It has to be something unique. I want to do something different.

Not something you can do on your own!

CM: None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped you get you to where you are?

UR: Yes, of course. I feel that every single person achieving goals or doing great is all because of the family support. It’s sometimes not about direct support, but indirect help. My family always believed and had faith in me more than myself.