New Year, New Beauty: 4 Trending Makeup Looks to Try in 2022

From pastel colors to graphic lines, this is what we’ll be wearing on our faces next year.

Makeup trends are adapting to today’s world and its current changes, the year 2021 witnessed the unstoppable rise of new styles. But there was also an explosion of nostalgia for the looks of 2000.

In keeping with the Y2K style, beauty experts treated us to frosted eyeshadows and high-shine lips. They also put a lot of emphasis on bold, geometric eyes.

The makeup fanatic in all of us is ready to experiment with a plethora of makeup trends that 2022 has to offer. From drooling Y2K nostalgia to the trend of bleached brows and glossy lips, as 2022 approaches, we definitely need a makeup forecast for the year.

So we bring you the best makeup predictions according to makeup artists who shared their knowledge to the world about the makeup trends that will triumph in 2022. Let’s get started!

Glitter & Gloss

“Plump and juicy lips are the look of the season when not in your mask—and what better companion to a glossy lip than a glittery eye. Embellishments and eye-catching glitter are all the rage and Season 2 of Euphoria just cemented this into trends for Spring 2022,” Shared makeup artist Allan Face.

The ‘90’s Lips

The ol’ classic ‘90’s with a flawless defined lip is going to be ruling in 2022 “Lip liners have been huge,” states celebrity makeup artist, Meghna Bhutani.

Pastel Lips

Pastel lips for Spring season? Oh, my! Maybe you have not thought about it yet but yes, it is a trend that is bound to around annually. Don not be afraid of wearing Pastel Lips. It looks so chic!

A luminous look

We are talking about glossy textures, of course. There are no doubts that this year we are obsessing over glossy makeup, and not just for lips, but for your eyelids and cheeks too. Makeup artist Priscilla Ono suggests everyone that A stunning shimmer across your face can instantly add a subtle charm to any makeup look!