These Nail Trends Are Definitely Here To Stay

Checkout these 6 Nail trends which are taking over the internet by storm and will help you add that bling to your look.

Dove Cameron

Nail arts have always received step-motherly treatment from the fashion industry, but the past year has shown us that celebrities have started taking that extra step to complete their look. Even fashion designers have started hiring notable nail artists to dress up their models for their shows. So, it was just a matter of time before we journalists took notice of this matter. Although many trends have evolved, and we doubt any of them will continue their run this year, these trends definitely have the glamour in them to continue being the talk of the town. For instance, you can try a hand at shiny accents and nail jewellery or go for the viva magenta colour manicure.

According to experts, there’s truly a 2023 nail trend for every nail manicure lover out there, and most of them are highlighting that nail colours, fun textures, and customizable manicures are going to take a huge role in 2023. Celebrities, influencers, actors, and more have also been sharing some of the boldest nail designs going viral on social media.

We’ve curated a lot of emerging manicure styles. Here are the six boldest nail trends that you’ll love for 2023.


While we love a good look on our nails, shiny accents will definitely make your hands look stunning and expensive as glitters show off your most stylish-royal side. What are you waiting to try on your nails? You can go for glitters in silver, gold or a mix of colour shades.

Shiny nails


Nail stickers are definitely the most wearable among young people. It makes your hands look fun and chic as sticker designs add youthful and beautiful vibes to your nails.

Nail Stickers


Nail jewellery and metallic will be big in 2023. Simple and clean manicures will be adorned with incredible and extravagant jewellery to really make a statement. Taking a look back at fashion weeks, some of them implemented extravagant accessories on nails. For instance, Schiaparelli Spring/Summer 2021 by Daniel Roseberry took this trend to new heights. Models wore gilded fingertip accessories, finger rings with extra-long gold-covered nails and more. Another fashion brand that took this trend for its collection was Iris Van Herpen with transparent 3D printed- nail accessories, and more. Just to mention some examples.

Nails jewellery


This shade is definitely a trend for 2023 as it makes nails look expensive, cute and clean. Wearing this Viva Magenta shade on your nails makes your hands look beautiful. “With the Pantone colour of the year being announced for 2023 as Viva Magenta, this shade will definitely be trending,” said nail artist Elle Gerstein.

Viva Magenta


Are you in doubt about what to wear for a party or a meeting with friends? Our suggestion is to go for a neutral brown. Of course, it’s important to pick up the right tone as there are plenty of brown “chocolate” shades you can wear on your nails. The most incredible aspect of wearing brown tones on your nails is that they go with everything and do not need anything else to add to make your nails look beautiful, while they also elevate any look.

Chocolate Brown


Last year, everyone wore the Barbiecore trend on fashion statements, accessories, nails and footwear. We could see this stunning colour in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie (starring Margot Robbie) and Pierpaolo Piccioli’s jaw-dropping Spring/Summer 2023 collection. This year, this beautiful pink trend will continue following us into 2023.

Barbiecore Pink