MILAN FASHION WEEK 2023: Our Favourite Spring 2024 Collections

Here’s a selection of the best collections showcased during MFW 2023.

Courtesy of Versace Spring 2024 collection.

Prepare to be captivated by the grandeur and glamour of the global fashion extravaganza that is sweeping the fashion capitals this month. After setting the stage ablaze in the streets of New York and gracing London with its presence, the magnificent city of Milan is now the epicentre of this ultimate fashion party.

Picture this: the crème de la crème of the fashion universe, all converging under one dazzling roof. It’s a dazzling spectacle that showcases the best of Italian fashion. Iconic fashion powerhouses such as Gucci, Prada, and Versace took centre stage, mesmerizing the audience with their unrivalled creativity.

But that’s not all. Milan Fashion Week also provided a platform for emerging talents to shine, unveiling their Spring/Summer 2024 collections with an infectious fervour. With their innovative designs and boundary-pushing style, these up-and-coming designers are poised to redefine the future of fashion. One standout among the luminaries was Fendi by Kim Jones, who displayed his impeccable tailoring skills and boldly experimented with clever cutouts on workwear-inspired outfits. And if you thought the excitement couldn’t get any higher, Donatella Versace surprised everyone by choosing to unveil her latest collection in the fashion mecca of Los Angeles, promising an unforgettable experience in March. Even without a creative director at the helm until Sabato De Sarno’s highly anticipated debut in September, Gucci’s in-house design team rose to the occasion, presenting a vibrant and colourful collection that delighted the fashion aficionados on February 24.

Curious to know which collections stole the spotlight and pushed the boundaries? Prepare to be amazed as we take you on a journey through the boldest and most captivating collections spotted at Milan Fashion Week this year. Stay tuned for a fashion experience like no other.


Milan Fashion Week revolved around Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana’s latest collection unveiled on Saturday. Their presentation delved meticulously into the world of corsetry and various forms of lingerie, celebrating the exquisite beauty and craftsmanship inherent in these intricate garments.

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2024.


Italian designer Sabato De Sarno made his much-anticipated debut at Gucci, presenting his ‘Gucci Ancora’ collection that celebrated simplicity and exuberant party vibes. The collection offered a delightful array of uncomplicated silhouettes, setting the stage for a playful and festive atmosphere. The show commenced with a striking ensemble: a floor-length overcoat paired with a white tee and shorts, elegantly cinched together by a distinctive “GG” belt. As the collection unfolded, the collection featured hoodies adorned with prominent Gucci lettering, harmonizing seamlessly with dark red leather bottoms. Leather jackets and pullovers sporting oversized collars and ornate details further enriched the visual tapestry.

Gucci Spring 2024.


Italian luxury fashion brand Fendi took the stage to unveil its Spring/Summer ’24 collection by Kim Jones. The collection explored a palette of neutral tones, featured daring cuts, and made a striking statement with its attention-grabbing accessories.

Fendi Spring 2024.


The day’s pièce de résistance arrived as Italian maestro Giorgio Armani unveiled his collection named ‘Vibes,’ donning a sleek satin jacket paired with matching satin grey trousers. This sophisticated pairing was a recurring theme throughout the collection, making its presence felt in cropped shirts, elegant jackets, diaphanous blouses, and even strapless dresses that gracefully layered over trousers.

Giorgio Armani Spring 2024.


This season, the Max Mara Spring 2024 collection took inspiration from the British Women’s Land Army of the 1940s. Titled ‘An Army of Women’, the collection served as a heartfelt tribute to this bygone era, showcasing Max Mara’s interpretation of the iconic ‘land girl look.’ The runway featured an array of military-inspired rompers and utilitarian jackets, capturing the essence of the era’s fashion with a contemporary twist.

Max Mara Spring 2024.


“Fresh and graphic. This is a Versace summer with colour and shine tailoring and soft draping. I love the contrast between boxy suits and the transparency of an evening dress; matte sorbet tweeds and shiny metal mesh. The craftsmanship lessons of the Atelier are applied to achieve something super refined. This collection is joyful and sharp. The Versace woman is free and vibrant. The Versace man is confident and daring.” Donatella Versace said about her latest Spring 2024 collection.

Versace Spring 2024.


For Spring 2024, the collection by Prada started with a generous serving of the trademark Italian label’s captivating contrasts between soft and edgy elements. The collection featured narrowed, high-waisted shorts cinched with paper-bag belts, paired with matching jackets boasting voluminous sleeves and draped with silky scarves that resembled demi-capes. What followed was a mesmerizing procession of sheer, ethereal pastel dresses, their appearance akin to liquid silk, evoking the delicate translucence of glass candy. As the models gracefully glided down the runway, the fabric billowed in the breeze, crafting a surreal and cinematic spectacle that proved elusive to capture in photographs. This Spring 2024 collection was an ode to movement, evident in every detail. Oversized sleeves played off against dainty leather belts, while wispy blouses created a striking contrast with chunky oxfords and floral shirts adorned with playful fringe details.

Prada Spring 2024.