Jeremy Scott presented his new MOSCHINO Pre-Fall 2022 Menswear Collection

Scott described the Fantasy Boys collection ‘a way to express yourself’.

Jeremy Scott launched his latest MOSCHINO Pre-Fall 2022 Menswear Collection, bringing Space Cowboys vibes to our lives. The collection was inspired by the designer’s fantasy about how he dresses, how he dressed in the past and how he imagines himself for the future. The backdrop of the campaign is outer space which presents a fantasy world in which most of us live through our screens.

It is impossible not to recognize Jeremy’s clothing colours, textures, and styling. We can see the collection full of fatigue accessories, like a cross-body bag or a tote, are spliced-and-diced like Franco Moschino’s penchant for taking two items and making them into something new, as one. This graphic treatment can also be seen on a half-striped, half plaid-patterned suit.

Everything from a pink-tail tuxedo to new versions of Moschino’s signature motorcycle jackets to varsity sporting cues to shag Bermuda shorts further rounds out the arc between the wondrous and the worldly.

Scott described the Fantasy Boys collection as a way to express yourself. The designer incorporated cyberspace colours and textures, grunge, techno and 2000s elements. Moreover, the collection is bold, and it brings the youth-driven impulse to express yourself, especially if you feel different.

Other elements from the out-of-this-world realm include flame-licked boots, holographic outerwear, and the phrasing “Fantasy Boys,” printed on tops. They could almost serve as the name of the proverbial band: Pre-Fall 2022’s wearers are these confident daydreamers, savvy in their style and fluent both online and on the street.

Yet there’s more to the mix, in that all dreams are grounded inexperience. With this in mind, Scott dips into nostalgia by reinterpreting a colourful ski parka, cutting chevron satin into a waistcoat-and-pleated skirt combo, or quilting diamonds of fabric into car coats and trousers.