Hair Colour Trends of 2022

If you are looking to change your colour, you are not the only one… Say ‘Hello’ to the trims and tones for this season.

It is hard to describe 2021’s top hair colour trends. It has been a year where people expressed their styles in different ways. As regards haircut styles, it seems like there was from classic, long, and healthy layers to a modern mullet coming into fashion. Moreover, the ‘70s, ‘90s and early 2000s were also seen present in teenagers, adolescents, adults and of course, celebrities.

But, what about hair colour? How can we describe its trend during this year? And what are the changes for 2022? This year, there has been a diverse range of hair colours trending. While some people preferred natural brunette and blond colours to keep their hair healthy and limit upkeep, others went for cooler shades or colour blocking and bright pastel colours. Trying new hair colours is a great way to express your style and personality. And 2021 brought lots of exciting ways to do that.

2021 is ending and, a new year is coming closer. So, it is an excellent opportunity to change your hair colour and give you the chance to change your hairstyle for the next year. Here we share some hair colours considered a “trend” for 2022.

Honey Blonde Hair

This colour hairstyle looks as sweet as honey and is the ideal cool-meets-warm colour with its light auburn and blond balayage tones. What are you waiting to get Jennifer Lopez’ natural hair colour?

Shiraz Red – 24’

This hair colour style is a bold, intense, and simply adorable one.

Icy Blue

Finding colour trends that stand out is exciting and gives you a sense of liberation. Ready to experiment with smoky blue, aubergine, and brighter blue highlights? Change the shades to achieve the desired depth.

Creamy Blonde Hair Colour

This creamy blonde hair colour is an excellent option if you want to update your blonde look at your next salon visit. This hair colour has got white tones for a bright, lovely finish. Request a creamy blonde look from your stylist, and don’t forget to tone with a Shades product.

Violet-Pink Hair Colour

This modern violet-pink is just enchanting! It’s a subtle, pastel shade, like the spring blossoms still to arrive. What are you waiting to Request a violet-pink hair colour look to your stylist?

Cinnamon Hair Colour

An alternative to look glamorous and stylish is the “Cinnamon Hair Colour”.  The colour is called cinnamon due to its beautiful deep red with rich brown tones. In some lights, it looks brunette, but when the light hits right, you can see the rich auburn throughout.

Black Espresso

Embrace the cold-weather vibes by darkening your brown to nearly black espresso. Don’t forget to always use colour support products such as shampoos and glosses from your stylist to maintain shine and depth between salon visits.

Silver Hair

Silver hair is nowadays a trend in girls and boys. Teenagers and adults take a risk and go for sliver looks. This colour will blend perfectly with the winter chills. In the picture, Megan Fox looked like a literal silver fox in her new sleek silver hair colour, ostensibly for her role in Johnny & Clyde.