See The Hottest Fashion Trends For Spring/Summer 2024

Keep reading to discover the boldest trends for Spring-Summer 2024.

Courtesy by Zimmermann Spring-Sumer 2024.

Every fashion month brings a surge of anticipation, but the true excitement lies in unravelling the mysteries that our favourite brands have in store for the next season. The New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Week have dropped hints about the trends shaping Spring-Summer 2024. Designers haven’t just embraced our favourite aesthetics; they’ve elevated them to new heights of ingenuity.

While the nostalgia trend remains influential, there’s a shift away from Y2K nostalgia. Some brands are delving into a more recent era, one that resonates intimately with many. Think unconventional materials, unexpected style choices, and vibrant colour palettes that are set to demand attention and define the upcoming season.

The collections showcase a diverse array of looks, ranging from retro-inspired silhouettes to inventive takes on the hottest trends of the year. Although fall fashion is currently in the spotlight, don’t worry—this trend report is your roadmap to seamlessly infuse spring styles into your wardrobe, both now and in the future.

It’s time to breathe new life into your wardrobe with the standout SS’24 fashion trends. Whether you seamlessly integrate them into your existing collection or explore the curated trend edit below, you’re guaranteed to stay ahead with the most captivating pieces for the upcoming season. Discover the Spring-Summer 2024 runway trends destined to leave a lasting impression.


Designers have fallen head over heels for big, bold belts. They are certainly not shying away from making a statement. Whether it’s the waist-cinching Basque belts at Falguni Shane Peacock or the classic leather pieces seen at Michael Kors and Sergio Hudson, these fashion powerhouses have made belts the star of the shows. From wide-chunky belts to intricately detailed buckles, these statement pieces demand attention and turn heads wherever you go. Don’t be afraid to play with proportions and experiment with different styles, as designers have showcased a range of options to suit any fashion personality.

Sergio Hudson Spring-Summer 2024.


Sheer fabrics are making a jaw-dropping comeback, and this time they’re more captivating than ever. Designers like Christian Siriano, Tom Ford, Saint Laurent and Coach have outdone themselves, elevating sheer fashion to new heights with their innovative designs. Gone are the days of basic mesh and simple open knits. These visionary fashion houses have unleashed a wave of sheer garments boast stunning patterns and intricate lacework. From ethereal dresses to enchanting tops, the sheer trend for spring 2024 offers a level of sophistication and enchantment that will leave you breathless.

Tom Ford Spring-Summer 2024.


While pastels have long been associated with this time of year, it’s time to make way for the in-your-face power of red. All shades of red took centre stage on the runway shows, from rich oxblood to eye-catching scarlet. Fashion powerhouses like Gucci, Valentino, Zimmermann, and Hermés dedicated their collections to this fiery colour, showcasing its allure in various forms. These deep and dark shades of red exude elegance and sophistication, adding a touch of drama to any ensemble. But it’s not just about the deeper tones – designers like Peter Do have paired vibrant cherry reds with more muted hues like grey and black, creating a striking contrast that demands attention. This juxtaposition of bold and understated shades adds depth and complexity to the overall aesthetic, elevating the vibrancy of red to new heights.

Zimmermann Spring-Summer 2024.


Get ready to make a bold statement with metallics like you’ve never seen before! The fashion gods have spoken, and it’s time to shine in the luxurious dresses and separates from the Christian Siriano and Ralph Lauren collections. The golden hue of the garments is to-die-for, exuding extravaganza and molten fluidity with every movement. But that’s not all – other designers have taken the metallic trend up a notch, incorporating clever textures that bring these eye-catching pieces to life. Prabal Gurung has mastered turning metallic fabrics into showstopping fashion that will undeniably turn heads.

Christian Siriano Spring-Summer 2024.


The latest collections have left no room for doubt – the ’90s are making a major comeback! As a newfound love for minimalism takes centre stage in fashion trends, it’s no wonder the ’90s aesthetic is back in full force. Designers are putting their modern twist on the iconic era. The focus is on clean lines and sleek silhouettes, with high, square necklines, coordinated suits and wardrobe staples stealing the show. Look at the stunning pieces presented by Helmut Lang, Staud, 16 Arlington, Theory, and Tom Ford, and you’ll see how they effortlessly blend the essence of the ’90s with contemporary touches. While some brands are bringing back classic designs from the decade, like the bubble maxi skirt from Chanel’s spring 1999 couture show, others are reinventing the ’90s aesthetic with their unique flair.

Staud Spring-Summer 2024.