All About Diesel’s Pre-Fall 2023 Collection

For the Pre-Fall 2023 Collection, Glenn Martens plays with the down-to-earth themes to give us a peek at the brand’s futuristic outlook.

Diesel Pre-Fall 2023

Glenn Martens steadily marches on the path of the revival of Diesel with their Pre-Fall 2023, a time for the House to look at commerciality by addressing the needs, wants and desires of its consumers. Infused with the brand’s futuristic outlook, Glenn presented his collection to showcase everyday wardrobe with cheekiness, charm and the true Diesel style that has always characterised the brand.

The lookbook has been captured by Arnaud Lajeunie with styling by Ursina Gysi, hair by Dushan Petrovich, makeup by Stephanie Kunz, and casting by Isabel Bush.

“The rebellious, nonconformist and futuristic Diesel attitude is through line for the Pre-Fall 2023. Forever epitomised by iconic Diesel Red, the colour bleeds into the collection of gradient knit dresses in a slim, zip-up, hooded silhouette and black-distressed denim lined in a touch of red.” – Diesel.

Diesel Pre-Fall 2023 celebrates its roots with Glenn Martens’ new vision and emphasises, “our shows are more for people in the fashion industry, while with our pre-collections we try to speak to everyone; my brother, my mother, teenagers in high schools… everyone.” He continues, “It’s this breaking boundary, no bullshit attitude. Sexy and fun.”

The collection features a skin-tight tee paired with baggy jeans. Hints of denim can be found both on fashion pieces and footwear, especially in the form of heels. Tuxedos are also part of the collection, with denim jackets, oversized trousers, frayed denim caps and more.

Diesel’s logo is stamped onto every garment, from tees, boxers, zippers, cropped bra tops, and more. Cut-out details, maxi denim skirts, hooded maxi-length dresses, and wrap skirts take centre stage at Diesel Pre-Fall 2023.

Diesel’s Pre-Fall 2023 is definitely all about “real, everyday fashion. It’s all about the garments that will go into our stores, with the cheekiness and the charm that’s totally Diesel. The pieces have their own personality – when you see them, you just know they are from our Diesel universe,” said Martens.

Glenn Martens also re-introduces its iconic B-1DR belt accessorised with mini pouches. Martens also focuses on belt accessories with Diesel’s logo. For Pre-Fall 2023, models’ hips have been wrapped in chunky bands of metallic leather, and extra-wide belts. All of them are adorned with Diesel’s iconic “D” logo.

Double-wrapped grommet belts and grown-up versions of Hot-Topic’s punk-pop wares have also been introduced in the collection. Martens also accessorised low-slung, YK2-inspired midi skirts with low-slung skinny belts (more decorative than functional.)

Take a closer look at the Diesel Pre-Fall 2023 collection below.

Diesel Pre-Fall 2023
Diesel Pre-Fall 2023
Diesel Pre-Fall 2023
Diesel Pre-Fall 2023