Nordic Style: The Main Trends for Spring 2023 Seen at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week has been a low-key rewrite of style codes for the seasons, and Spring 2023 is no exception.

During Copenhagen Fashion Week Scandinavia, we could observe the very best and latest trends emerging from the runways, both in beauty and clothing. That’s precisely why, we compiled the runway trends to dress as effortlessly chic. From ’90s-inspired cargo pants and neutral colours to lots and lots of denim, there’s something here for every style.

As we know, Scandi style is all about minimalism and sustainability. And, during this fashion week, we saw brands like The Garment, Rotate, and Zalando Sustainability Award finalist MWorks graced the runway with their designs.

Copenhagen Fashion Week did not disappoint and left more to talk about with a sharp focus on classic active pieces. Here are the most seen trends from the show.

Trend 1: Denim

Every season we see a new denim trend. In this one, we saw denim with slight treatments that made a big difference. From a bleached red and blue distressed wash at Ganni to a uniquely knotted waistband at Jade Cropper, denim was the star of many runway shows. For next season, we can expect some colorful garments, clean patchwork and never-before-seen waistbands.

Baum Und Pfergarten and Jade Cropper Spring/Summer 2023

Seen at: Baumund Pfergarten, Ganni, Jade Cropper, and P.L.N.

Trend 2: Classics

We keep hearing about the classics, and this season, designers are encouraging us to invest in the classics, but let’s not limit ourselves.

seeing them both in street style and on the runways this season in Copenhagen. Now the idea is not to limit yourself but to combine them in a creative way to show them off to perfection. Think short trench coats with curved shoulders, layered denim jackets and white poplin shirts.

Saks Potts and Roege Hove Spring/Summer 2023

Seen at: Remain, Saks Potts, The Garment, and Wood Wood.

Trend 3: Gray

Gray becomes one of Scandi’s favourite colours to wear. We saw it on designs during CPHFW and we definitely loved it! Designers like Sophia Rae at The Garment and Skall Studioare asking us to style our gray trousers with a casual white tank top. Instead of the little black dress, consider a little gray dress instead.

The Garment and Mworks Spring/Summer 2023

Seen at: Hope, Skall Studio, Stine Goya, and The Garment.

Trend 4: Lace Up

We definitely love lace up since it always provides versatility in how you wear it. This Spring/Summer 2023, we saw OpéraSPORT’s show focusing on dresses, tops, and skirts with tie detailing. Knitwear designer A. Roege Hove presented an incredible collection including ties with subtle placements but extra-long laces.

Roege Hove and Holzweiler Spring/Summer 2023

Seen at: OpéraSPORT, A. Roege Hove, (di) vision, and Saks Potts.