Discovering the Trendsetting Bag Styles of Fall 2024 Runway Shows

Delve into the innovative and eclectic bag trends showcased on the fall 2024 runways, where traditional meets avant-garde in a captivating fusion of style.

As another thrilling fashion month draws to a close, excitement mounts for the upcoming fall season’s trends. We’ve meticulously observed the major bag trends for fall 2024 and are excited to present our findings here.

The accessory runway presentations this season were truly captivating. From Marine Serre’s charming portrayal of a model cradling a baby to Christian Cowan’s avant-garde use of wine glasses and cigarettes instead of traditional purses, accessories took on an innovative edge. Particularly noteworthy was the prevalence of grocery bags across various shows, highlighting a recurring motif that demonstrates how even the ordinary can be transformed into high fashion.

Furthermore, many trends intersected seamlessly with overarching themes in footwear, showcasing the concept of trend layering for a cohesive look.

Continue reading to explore the most daring bag trends from the fall/winter 2024 runways below.


The era where bag straps were seen merely as technical elements is now a thing of the past. Handles have emerged as the latest frontier for innovation this fall, with high fashion brands showcasing their creativity in this realm. While some labels such as MM6, Helmut Lang, and Patou opted for a minimalist approach with dangling statement straps, others like Fendi and Roksanda introduced imaginatively designed handle attachments to elevate their pieces. In a different vein, Gabriela Hearst introduced chain-like wristlets reminiscent of bracelets, while Prada opted for wrist-sized belts to add a unique twist to their designs.

Fendi Fall 2024.


Get ready to relive the excitement of your childhood as accessories for your accessories emerge as a major trend. It’s time to add a new Tamagotchi to your collection because embellishing your daily purse with keychains and baubles is about to take centre stage. Whether you see it as an opportunity to showcase your personality or as a means to enhance the beauty of your designer bag, this trend is one to embrace. Brands like Coach, Fendi, Burberry, and Etro have all jumped on board, offering a plethora of options to elevate your accessory game.

Coach Fall 2024.


Imagine the thrill of envisioning your handbag as a repository for highly confidential documents or glamorous secrets, transcending the realm of the ordinary. Alternatively, perhaps you’re a seasoned professional, navigating through contracts, files, and reports with poise and sophistication. In either scenario, the portfolio-style bag emerges as a practical and stylish solution tailored to your needs. This sleek and structured accessory made notable appearances at esteemed fashion houses such as Khaite, MaxMara, and Proenza Schouler, offering a sophisticated twist on the traditional tote. Furthermore, designers like Fendi, Tory Burch, Luar, and Bevza showcased their distinctive interpretations of this briefcase-inspired style, adding versatility and elegance to the modern woman’s wardrobe.

MaxMara Fall 2024


It’s not just apparel and shoes that took a furry turn this season. The handbags from Burberry, Tod’s, Marni, and Diesel boasted texture, as well as those from Khaite, LaQuan Smith, Luar, and No. 21. In fact, head-to-toe fuzz is bound to be popular this fall and winter. At least this toasty trend is practical for the colder months…just don’t spill anything on yourself.

Diesel Fall 2024.


This season, cylinder-shaped bags took the fashion world by storm, appearing on the runways of brands like Remain, Private Policy, and Sportmax. While each rendition offered a unique twist, the overarching inspiration behind these bags was unmistakably similar. Some were held vertically, while others boasted a more expansive form, yet they all evoked a sense of nostalgia. We couldn’t help but be reminded of the beloved Vera Bradley pencil case we once cherished during our school days – the perfect size and shape. Perhaps there’s something to this trend after all. With fashion houses like Proenza Schouler, Diesel, Jil Sander, and Brandon Maxwell backing it, it’s safe to say they seldom miss the mark when it comes to predicting what’s in trend.

Prada Fall 2024.